Need help with 4 hd's and RAID :)

So I have a couple of questions.

1. Is it possibly to set up 4 HD's, 2 of them will split the data for faster writing times, the other 2 will mirror the first two. I beleive that is raid10? i could be wrong.

2. if it is possible where can I find a detailed guide on how to do this?

3. is this mobo equiped to do 4HD's RAID? I think it is, but i'm not sure..

HD's i'm using
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  1. Yes your mobo supports that, its called RAID 0+1 or 1+0, depending on what config you choose. Though many onboard RAID only supports 0+1. The difference is minor.

    But you can also do something else: using Intel MatrixRAID you can make a 4x RAID0 and RAID1 / RAID 0+1 at the same time. To understand this, this picture may help:

    Intel ICHxR RAID drivers are the only onboard RAID which support this, as far as i know. You have ICH10R which is a very good chipset for onboard RAID. In fact, its the best onboard RAID you can have.
  2. Yeah the mobo that I have selected wouldn't support the matrix. that is intresting though, And with this chipset how difficult is it to set up what i'm talking about?

    Or do you know where I can get a tutorial on this. I've looked around online and can't seem to find what i'm looking for.
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