Best mobo for E7200

Hi Guyz

I need some advice, i got hold of a E7200.
can someone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz advice on what mobo that i should get...?
need somiit mid-range, good overclocker, stable & easy to use....

am not into games or anything just desktop publishing...even a mobo with a onboard graphic..?

Can someone sugest a rig for me..? (spec)

Thanks in advance
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  1. Depends on your budget. Do you need onboard video? If not, checkout the Asrock p43twins 1600 for around $70 at newegg. It has plenty of sata ports, memory slots, and overclocking jumpers. For less, checkout any g31 chipset board with 2 ddr2 slots and onboard video. I use an msi model in my compaq pc.
  2. ideally a mobo wiv onboard video, would that affect my ocing..??
  3. Most low end boards with onboard video aren't designed for overclocking. It's a limitation of the chipsets used and keeps the price down. Checkout asus, gigabyte, or msi boards. Download the motherboard manual and check the bios settings before ordering. Look for vcore settings for the cpu and memory, as well as memory timing options. I used a piece of copper tape to connect 2 pads on my e4300 for an instant 33% overclock that doesn't effect the memory settings. It works on older chipsets, but on my asrock p45 board, it won't post. The voltage specs are different on some newer chipsets. The copper tape is available at Fry's electronics for $2.99. It works better than the defroster kit solution from auto parts stores.
  4. Asus P5Q-EM
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