Ideal cpu for websurfing and word.

I'm going to be moving to Colorado in a week and my family already lives there and they are going to pick me up here in Cali but my Stepdad does not have a computer right now, and asked me if I had one.

The thing is that I do but they aren't exactly the fastest machines in the world, my top spare unit only has an AMD Duron 850mhz cpu but when I got thinking about it, isn't that all he really needs? Literally all he uses his pc for is email, internet, and typing documents.

What is your ideal cpu for these tasks?
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  1. that pretty much would work.

    i have a comp similar to that which im on right now.

    its a p3 at 1ghz (coppermine)

    which i only use for web surfing and documents.

    so yea it would work.

    you cant upgrade though.

    or it would be really hard to find a cpu for that socket.
  2. He'll do just fine with that - I'd go with a low end Core 2 Duo if I was putting together a new machine to give it a little more snappiness, but if you already have that, there's no point in upgrading it just for basic internet.
  3. He'll do ok on that probably, then once he learns to use it, can always buy a dell or the like when he wants another, or you could build him
  4. I would recommend the QX9775 .... :whistle:

    Nah he'll be fine
  5. Ideal? Well pretty much anything that can run Ubuntu... (properly) and that's about 600Mhz...
  6. it is more than enough
  7. Exactly...
  8. Ubuntu *shudder*

    For xp you'll want 512mb for it not to drive you completely insane :-)
  9. just fine, add some ram just for a little performance
  10. 850MHz should be enough as long as he doesn't do flash video.
  11. Should be right with Firefox 3 tho... but just...
  12. amdfangirl said:
    Should be right with Firefox 3 tho... but just...

    FF3 actually tends to be a lot more frugal with RAM usage than FF2.
  13. Don't like FF3. Too much hard drive access. Reguardless, FF is actually worse for flash video, compared to IE.
  14. Too much hard drive access? Are you using it on a system with almost no RAM? I'm using it right now, and the only hard drive access I see is the occasional blip of windows background tasks every 5 or 6 seconds.
  15. That's odd - mine has never done that.
  16. That Duron will work just fine. I gave my father a old IBM R30 laptop i had with 384mb sdram, a PIII 1Ghz Mobile, a Ati Rage 8mb, and hes delighted.

    Surfing, Office tasks (Open Office) a bit of MSN. He uses Firefox 3 and the machine is on Windows XP.
    Just playing Java games seems like pulling teeth. Starcraft plays really nice. Still good for some lan action with my brothers :bounce: .
  17. But win2k on it and it will be fine. I have a duron 1300 with a massive 128megs of ram and it isnt hopeless on win2k.
  18. ubuntu ftw...
  19. ahslan said:
    ubuntu ftw...


    I'd never recommend it for a main use modern machine, but for a slower older machine, or a purely internet and e-mail type machine, it's the best way to go. I'm running it (Hardy) on my eee.
  20. Linux FTW
  21. The 850Mhz is more than enough though IF it has enough RAM for the OS. IF you did build/buy a new one, I would go pickup a OEM with at least 2GB of RAM.
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