Squealing noise, monitor loses signal help

Hey guys,

I was playing c&c 3 just now and all of a sudden the monitor signal was lost and this electrical squeal started coming from the system, I then had to turn it off by the power switch. I think it could be my sound card as it blue screened when playing jedi knight 2 a while back (it was a reproducable error caused by a sound card driver) and that had similar symptoms.

My rig is x2 6000
ga ma 770 ds3
2 gigs xms 2 800
2 sata harddrives
2 nec ide burners
600 w power supply

Everything has been working fine with it till now. Anyone had similar issues, if it's the sound card I'll just use the onboard I think. Btw it's working ok after as I'm writing this post on the same machine.
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  1. Also have an 8800gt, would have just edited the message but I can't seem to edit any message here.
  2. pull the sound card and try it w/o.

    you sure didn't need to post to get that advice
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