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Will a Blu ray disc work when I install the drivei nto my PC with Vista's Media Center? I know there is a DVD section coz I use it at times to watch movies but will it also work for Blu ray, or is there a driver I have to download? I know it was made for entertainment systems and LCDs but is it really better than a DVD player or canb you use it with a blu-ray drive?

If I get a GPU with an HDMI instead of using the DVI HDMI converter will it work using the WMC interface?
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  1. To play Blue Ray disc you need the following HDCP Compliant HW/SW in your PC

    1) PowerDVD is one of the Playback software that is HDCP compliant. HDCP compliant playback software will check the HDCP compliance of your hardware/Software.
    2) HDCP Compliant Video card(Refer to PowerDVD Cyberlink webpage for list of compliant video card). Video card driver is also checked for HDCP compliance.
    3) HDCP Compliant LCD Display or HDTV

    The preferred interface is HDMI as it carry both video and audio in one cable.

    Windows Media Center will not play Blue Ray or Copyright Protected Blue-Ray Disc.

    When you purchase a Blue-Ray Drive it is common to have PowerDVD included.
  2. ok so its powerdvd that can run it. I assume it also comes with the software in the installer?
  3. Yes it comes with a installer.

    Normally it comes when you purchase a Blue-Ray Optical Drive. When i purchased my LG Blue-Ray drive it came with PowerDVD.

    Below is the webpage for Cyberlink

    PowerDVD comes with a BD advisor. It will check that your software and hardware are HDCP compliant. Then you can play Blue-Ray disc.
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