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I recently bought a Asus Striker extreme motherboard rev 1.0G, E8400 Processor and 2x1Gb Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 Memory.
Also installed a 500w Antec power supply, 8800GT graphics card

Motherboard came with 1303 bios, assembled computer turned on posted with no problems. On startup message to update bios, used the bios update utility and updated to the 1603 bios. Flashed with no problems computer restarted no post.

Thought the bios update might have failed so i bought a new bios chip with the 1603 bios. Computer still fails to post.

I read on a forum that someone had a similar problem, due to the memory voltage being set to 1.8v default. But the memory used 2.2v.

He bought a lower rated memory using 1.8v, installed, cleared cmos then booted to setup changed memory voltage to 2.2v restarted then installed new memory.

I hope this is all the information needed, i am after some advice on wether to buy the memory module or if there are any alternative.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hello ! First of all, please excuse my bad english (I'm french). I just experienced your problem with a Striker Extreme upgrading bios from 1303 to rev 1603. No post : I tried and reset bios default by using the button provided on the motherboard = no effect. But I finally could get it by removing the cmos battery and the power wire for quite a long time (about 5 or 10 min.). Then the post screen appeared and the motherboard works properly. I hope it can help you. Best regards ;-)
  2. Thank you for your post i have tried all the options i have read on different forums, including yours. Decided to return this poo board and buy a P5K Premium instead.

    After looking at many forums i found that the CPU INIT message on the back of the LCD screen is actually an error message there are different opinions on what it means Memory voltage errors CPU 45nm errors.
    If you are having the same problems then type CPU INIT into google for more information.

    My advice to anyone buying this board is to expect problems there are better boards for cheeper prices out there. I finally decided to upgrade to the 780i boards as they can use the 45nm processors without the need for a bios update it also supports ddr2 and 3 memory which is good for future upgrades.

    Good luck to all.
  3. Out of curiosity, how does the 780i board support both DDR 2 and 3 memory? The Dimm module card slots are different sizes.

    I'm actually very curious, does the board have seperate DIMM slots or something?
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