Confused about a power connector on my motherboard (D975XBX)

greetings to everyone, this is my first post.

so here is my problem:
about a year ago i bought an intel d975xbx, with a cheap ati card, and now it was time to upgrade, so i bought an x1950 xtx card.

my motherboard has an 1x4 power connector (similar to old ide hdd`s, which was never plugged in (never had any problems either), but somewhere i read that it is required for crossfire cards?
it can be seen on this picture (, half of it is covered by the blue heatsink.
i have searched around but the only answer related to my problem was "when there is a connector on your motherboard you should plug something into it blabla".
so should i plug something into it before installing the new video card or it is safe to leave as is.

my current config is:
core2 e6600
2x wd caviar sata2 hdd
2x dvd-rw
video card->soon to be changed to x1950 xtx
on the pci slot: lan card + creative audigy (with the IR front rack)
currently have an 550W powerlink power supply (friend says it`s actually foxconn - it has 3 fans)

will this psu be enough with the new card or should i change it.

thank you.
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  1. Don't worry about the 4 pin Molex on the MB, That is there to supply extra power to the PCI-X slots (ie if you have 2, or more video cards). That is unless your card's have external power connectors. (then this Molex connection is completely useless anyway) However I would have waited on the 4670 cards ($80 on newegg now)
  2. I have that same board using 2 HD4850 in crossfire and I'm not connecting anything to that adaptor. There is no need unless the card draws power from the motherboard no the power supply. Also you might want to look at a different card X1950XTX arre old tech. If you pay About $50 for it then do otherwise look for something in th 8800GS and up in Nvidia or HD3870 and up in Ati.
  3. well, i bought it because it was cheap, and everything here costs about 3x-4x more than the international price

    and thanks for the answers
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