Changing screen, Changing Color.

Hi, I have a very annoying problem.
Yesterday (and many times before) I plugged my PC to my TV screen via a VGA cable connected to a DVI to VGA adapter.
Everything worked fine, and I kept my PC plugged to the TV screen for quite a while.
Today, I shut my PC down with a bit of carelessness. I plugged it to my TV Screen and it gave me the blue screen of death.
I did the normal procedure, entered in safe mode and restored to an earlier point, and that solved the blue screen.
But then the display was in a deep blue tone, something that wasn't there yesterday.
The settings of the screen didn't change, as well as the graphics card settings.
Note that when I connected to PC back to my normal screen, it was normal.

Please help me solve this irritating problem.
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  1. When you say you shut it down "wit a bit of carelessness" what would you mean by that :heink:
    Also, post your complete system specs.
  2. I mean that I started shutting it down through normal windows, but then I very retardedly shutted it down manually, before it finished shutting down through windows...
    My specs:

    Motherboard : ASUS M2N-E

    Graphics Card : GeForce 8800GTS 640 MB

    Proccessor : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+, MMX, 3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz

    RAM: 2 Gigs

    My normal PC screen : ViewSonic VP171s
    My TV screen: AOC LCD screen, 32''
  3. It sounds like you are missing the red or green analog signal to your display and the blue is showing as dominate. Check your VGA connectors / adapters for bent pins or a poor connection. If that is fine check the monitor and video card.

  4. didn't by any chance roll back to a previous video driver or something? could just be a loose connection, double check that as sometimes those dvi/vga connectors aren't too solid.
  5. I did switch the VGA-to-DMI adapter with another one, but the problem doesn't seem to be there. I guess I need to switch my VGA cable.

    BTW I did mess alot with the RGB after this had happened, it didn't help alot.
  6. When you switched the adapter did you inspect the pins on the video card, monitor, and cables to make sure all of them were straight and aligned?

    What does "I did mess alot with the RGB..." mean? Are the settings back at default?
  7. I meant I tried to solve the blue tone problem manually through the LCD's color adjusment option.
    But after I did that, I returned it to default values.

    Just checked the VGA Cable, and 2 of the pins are just slightly, slightly bent. Is it that fragile?
  8. If the bending is enough to widen the socket and not make contact it could be a problem. The problems I have seen were when a pin was bent perpendicular to the others.

    Some hints on this are here
  9. Allright, bought a new VGA cable and that fixed the problem.
    Thank you for your time :-}
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