Black screen how do i reinstall xp URGENT PLEASE HELP...

comp wont boot. Choosing normal, last known good config, etc. results in a black screen right away right a blinking cursor in the top corner. Then i just hangs. This all happens before XP logo even shows up.

Cant get into safe mode either, it starts loading for a seconds and then restarts the comp.

this is my prob i copied it out of another forum but it said the only way to fix this was reinstall xp .. have no clue how to do this. when i turn on my computer it is just a black screen with blinking _ at the top left. you have to push ctrl alt del to get the windows screen to come up (which only does for a few seconds) to have enough time to push f8 for advanced options. after trying all of them it just goes back to black screen ..... PLEASE HELP im broke and have to fix this on my own.. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT CAN HELP.. ZACH
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  1. Insert the windows cd into the drive. Enter bios with the del key of F2.
    Set the bios to boot from cd. repair installation.
  2. what do you mean enter bios with the del key of f2 and what windows cd? thanks
  3. Sorry typo Del or F2
    If you don't know how to get into the Bios then we're in trouble.
    The Cd refers to the Operating System disk for Win Xp or nthe repair disk that comes with every computer.
  4. ok when i put the disk in it says repair windows or completly reinstall xp when click r for repair it installs for awhile then this box comes up saying fatal error setup failed to installthe product catalogs the setup log files should contain more information... then you click ok and it says setup had problems registering the folling old control dll: c"/windows/system32/initpki.dll then the signature for windows xp upgrade is invalid and a bunch of other stuff any help please... thank you
  5. Load to console and run chkdsk /r /f
    Then try the repair again, if that doesn't work then format and do a reinstall.
  6. ok well i really have no clue how to do any of that how excatly do you do that in detail thanks you
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