8500 gt fan problems

hi guys after some help
i have a 512 mb 8500 gt
and the fan is making some strange noises sounds like a bearing issue to me
the unit is under 12 months old so i took the card back to place of purchase and they refused to replace it or rma it to there supplier cause it was "dusty" said the fault is down to the user
so now im left with a dodgy card
so im wondering
1. can i get a replacement fan for the unit either oem or aftermarket
2. if yes where do i get one from ?

thanks in advance
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  1. I would spend a few dollars on a passive heatsink. my old 8500 gt had one and worked great but it was oem from xfx so i wouldnt know where to buy one.
  2. cheers for the info
    but having no joy even with google behind me lol
  3. I ran into the same problem with a PNY geforce 8500 gt as well as a XFX geforce 7300 gt. I rma'd the 7300 twice, but the 8500 I somehow lost the receipt for and forgot to register it with PNY. However, I have noticed that ther are vga/chipset coolers available on sites like newegg and tigerdirect for anywhere from 10 to 50 dollars depending on what you are looking for. I think that is the direction I am going.
  4. clean ur video card heatsink or fan with compressed air...then get a cooler and u should be fine
  5. having similar problems with 8500 gt and the fan fell off! It was on bottom of card and the pins came off and the glue etc.. they replaced it with a new version fan on top. Did not even work .. may be a conflict I dont know but they make you jump through config hoops first . Was a good card but this problem really makes me hot! Ps this is a problem w the hardware not dust etc and they know about it. You get a three year warranty if you reg it online . Too bad I had to have it break to find out about that!
  6. Fans die in those cards all the time. Have personally seen at least 3 in the past 6 months choke up and burn out due to the fan failing.
  7. Right and funny new one they sent to me had fan on top.. it does have a three year warranty if you reg but the shipping = why bother again.. still are all cards sort of like this..? I dont want to buy one that requires a new power source etc too much stuff for me to buy to play a game once in a while. Of course if total commander2 requests me to I would have to obey!! I usually buy under 75 bucks if you can suggest one great.
  8. As I have related this story many times in the recent months, I upgraded my Brother in laws PC, as well as several of his friends, who all had similar builds, using 8500GTs.

    To avoid having to replace the Power Supply, we put in ATI 4670s into their PCs, as it is a card that takes all the power it needs from the Mobo, which isn't very much. They are all WoW players and were all equally impressed (as was I) with how well the 4670 performed for such a simple plug-in solution.

    If you decide to shop for a 4670, be sure to avoid the DDR2 version (there are mostly DDR3 versions available) as the DDR2 performance drop is actually quite substantial.

    This was the model I put in the PCs, and managed to OC quite well, although it performed admirably without the Overclock, as well.

  9. Might be geforce 8500 graphic card fan. I had buzzing noise come from it . The fan is located on underside of card. It turned out the plastic card itself warps. and the fan hits some of it. You need to carefully and gently bend the ends of the card slightly downward toward the fan. It no longer hits the card and the sound is gone. It worked for me. good luck
  10. I would spend a few dollars on a passive heatsink
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