Q6600 with EVGA 750i SLI

First here are my detailed system specs.

Case: NZXT Tempest
PSU: Corsair HX1000
GPU: EVGA GTX 285 x2 SLI (stock clocks)
CPU: Q6600 2.4 GO
HS: Masscool 8wa741 (what a peice of ***)
RAM: Corsair XMS2 800mhz 5-5-5-18 1.9v
HDD: Seagate B. 7200rpm 500gb
OS: Vista x64

Heres the problem I am having. I can only get my system up to 3.0ghz with these setting.

FSB/RAM unlinked
FSB 1333
RAM 800
CPU Core 1.325
CPU FSB 1.30
MEM 1.9
RF200 1.20 Auto

Runs stable and ok with temps.Anytime i change anything to get a high over clock or the ram setting it either wont post or load windows. My real problem is my ram. my ram is bottlenecking my cpu which is bottlenecking my gpus.I need help to find stable setting for a 3.0 to 3.2 ghz clock with 1:1 ram.I have googled it, read the oc guide here and been at it for a while.Evga even suggested to ask at toms and there own forums. Any help will be appreciated.I will try what you suggest within reason and post exact results for the user with this same problem. Thank you

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  1. There shouldn't be any problems with your RAM. It is unlinked at 800mhz. I've ran a 4.4ghz E8400, with unlinked RAM at 800mhz.

    You may want to increase your vcore. Q6600 can run as high as 1.5v safely.
  2. I was told by evga that your ram should be running very close to your fsb...does this make any sence?
  3. Ideally you want to run your FSB 1:1 with memory. However if you have low speed ram then unlinking it is the best way to overclock.

    Your memory is running at 800mhz, at the desired timing. Your NB is running at 1.4v, which in my own 750i motherboard can go up to 450mhz bus speed (1800 FSB). It is more likely your low vcore that is causing the problem.
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