Antec 1200 Vs. Cool Master stacker 830

I have been staring at both of these trying to decide which one i want ;x I need some opinions please. Thanks

CM stacker

Antect 1200
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  1. i don't really know much about the stacker, but i have an Antec 1200 and i love it, i can't recommend it enough!

    it looks amazing and its got such great cooling. and its cheaper, so in my opinion you can't go wrong with the stacker!

  2. i got a stacker 830 and yeah its great, although i can't really say whats better about the stacker than the antec cause i don't own both, but i doubt you can go wrong with either of the cases

    antec is slightly smaller and cheaper
    cm stacker has a screwless design, is very well ventilated[not saying antec isn't], and you can switch from atx/btx easy...
    when i say better ventilated i mean it has perforated side, front, top, and bottom panels, i think antec has a window... but if your a fan of windows, antec would be your choice i suppose
  3. yes i did write my first post like an idiot, you can't go wrong with the 1200!! i know nothing really of the stacker!! lol

    hope you knew what i ment, lol

  4. I have the 1200 as well and I enoy it. Its heav as a mutha but has enough room for all my drives. I like the way it looks but I know its not the best looking case around but had the best functionality I was looking for.

    I just finished putting it together a few days ago.

  5. I have the 830 and love all the available places to put a fan (I'm using 4...not including the CPU cooler). The case is on wheels, is lightweight, doesn't need tools, the MB tray slides right out the back, lots of room to work on things, and has a mount for an optional tower fan in the side panel if you want. The front door cover is reversible or can be removed altogether. I don't think I will need to replace it until the new built in refrigerator models become mainstream.
  6. My vote's for the Antec 1200

    I've got it. It's like a dream, the airflow is riduculous and it looks cool as hell.

    The cabling bay at that back is really nice aswell, and the hard drive bays are surprising easy to use.

    Its kinda heavy though, but it's like a tank so its gonna stay there.
    The dust filters are also nice, but they get dirty quickly and they are kinda tedious to take out.
  7. Did you choose a case yet? I have recently done builds in each of these cases and there are things I like about each. The antec is taller than the 830 but the 830 is longer. Both have great cooling. I like the removable mother board tray on the 830 and I like the black interior of the 1200.There is more room to install 12" cathodes in the 830, as we used 3 in each and I like them to be hidden.. To me the 830 was easier to build in and I like the psu on top. Both are great cases but I guess it is whichever has the features you like more is what you should buy.
  8. Yo strangestranger :hello: !(or anybody else with 1200 and HD4870X2) If you ever gonna come back to this thread, please let me know how 1200 handles cooling your HD4870X2 ?!?!?!...
    ive got that videocard as well... but now i got to find better case for it :D... coz im afraid its gonna burn in my thermaltake tsunami dream T_T... thinking about Antec 1200... looks nice, big and simple, and has a lot of fans...
  9. I personally love coolermaster products like the Stacker830 even though i have a Cosmos S that i love especially if u adde red fans
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