Overclocking an ATI 9550


I decided to overclock my ATI 9550 256MB 128bit bus
and then i did a 3dmark03 test

here are my results

Before overclocking:

Core: 250Mhz
Memory: 300Mhz
Result: 2279

After overclocking:

Cored: 480Mhz (That's a 192% increase)
Memory: 380Mhz (That's a 127% increase)
Result: 3548 (That's a 155% increase in overall performance)

btw, all on the same settings (1024*768)

up until now, i have not seen any artifacts or unstable performance...
what do you guys think ? can i push it higher??

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  1. Hey, as long as nothing crashes or hangs, I don't see why not! Go for it! :D
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