New gaming computer can I use a wireless internet and still get speed?

Right now the first computer in my house has a wired ultra high speed internet connection. To get the internet to the second computer I need a router on the back of my modem. If I get a wired router it would be hard to run the cable all the way to the second computer, so I thought about wireless. It would be easy to setup. But I always thought wireless was too slow, but all the consoles game on wireless, I don't know if its that's really same thing though. So please help shed some light on this for me, remember that I need to game online though.

thanks in advance.
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  1. Wireless generally may be a little slower, but your best bet would probably be to set up a wireless N network, it's faster than the older B and G standards, if I remember correctly, N is supposed to run up to 300 mbps. Depending how far away you are. Just be sure to get a good quality router and good quality wireless NIC.
  2. Wireless has higher latency (Ping) so your gaming WILL SUFFER.
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