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Hey guys this is my first system I'm trying to decide on which p45 motherboard to go with. I'm building a computer with all new components and am pretty much sure on everything but the motherboard. This is my current proposed system build:

I do plan on overclocking the fsb to about 400 - 450 mhz depending on the capabilities of the specific processor I get (i.e. some q9550's are better than others). What motherboard for about $220 or less would be my best option? If you've got benchmarks that would be awesome.
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  1. Also, I don't mind going cheap if it will get the job done. If the motherboard I've got right now would be fine for this then let me know.
  2. For $220, you might as well get X38 or X48. But the best P45 is probably the Maximus II Formula.
    I, personally like my P5Q pro. It let me OC my Q6600 to 3.6ghz (400mhz x 9).
    Really, there's plenty of good P45 mobos out there.
  3. Same here I like the X38 board not much change on the X48. I have had good luck with Gigabyte boards. Built the last 5 system with them might look at this board,

    Not much on the Quad core yet that is for Gaming. Most game are not even writen for dual cores yet.. I like the E8500

    Have had good luck with this Drve also.

    I see that you have DDR2 memory listed, make sure your MB supports this. The last system build I used DDR3.
  4. I would go with a Samsung over an LG.
    The Xigmatek HDT-S1284 over the HDT-S1283 as it's a better cooler, or go with an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro that sells for less than the S1283 does and cools as well as it.
    Make sure you use your promo code for the PSU, it you are ordering before the 17 of Sept. Call Newegg if you need the code. and you have to be on the email list.
    I would go with Seagate because of the 32mb cache and longer warranty.
    The last thing is, I don't buy Asus anymore, they mess up a simple board RMA so they are not on my buy list any longer. DFI has a kick ass P45 in the;
    they are great overclockers.
    But even if you build as is, you will have a good system.
  5. alright, thanks for the feedback. that DFI board looks interesting... I'll definitely check it out. does anyone have an opinion on the msi p45 platinum? it's gotten pretty good reviews and is supposed to be a great oc'er

    and yeah, I think I'll go with the Seagate... seeing as how my Dad works there haha. I'm not sure why I had a WD... evil

    on the E8500... love that processor but I want to keep my system for 2-3 years and wont be upgrading when nehalem comes out so quad is my best bet right now
  6. and looking at my budget I'm probably looking to stay more around $175 or less, instead of $220
  7. all, how about to use BIOSTAR TPOWER P45 on Q6600? which only have 4 power phase,,
    can Q6600 reach 3,6Ghz safety?
  8. Well, if anyone's interested, I'm going to get the MSI P45 Platinum for about $165. It overclocks nicely and did well in Tom's and some other site's benchmarks. Plus, it's cheap.

    To ^, not sure if I understand whether you're asking a question or not but as far as getting a Q6600 to 3.6, that's a pretty lofty goal. It can be done but it depends on what stepping you end up with (B3 or G0) as well as the hardware itself. 3.2 might be a more realistic goal. Of course, I don't own a Q6600, but that seems to be the consensus on most forums.
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