Crysis Ultra High config IQ/FPS maxed?

This mod improves a lot of the base qualities of "Very High Quality" into a sort of "ultra high" - vista and xp compatible, enable high or very high to enable the cvars once its fully installed.

The config seems to impliment some interesting tricks with IQ/FPS this was the benchmark I yielded:

"Custom" - 1680*1050*16xAF*0xAA: 20 min fps, 55 max fps, 37 avg fps in benchmark gpu
"Custom" - 1680*1050*16xAF*4xAA: 10 min fps, 41 max fps, 32 avg fps

"Custom" - 1680*1050*16xAF*0xAA: 22 min fps, 50 max fps, 36 avg fps in benchmark cpu - island
"Custom" - 1680*1050*16xAF*4xAA: 11 min fps, 43 max fps

Seems consistant over both benchmarks

My system is C2D at 4.05ghz, sli gtx260 (652/1405/1109 at the time of testing), 4gig ddr2

I'm going to do a run-through of paradise lost at 1680*1050*16xAF*4xAA and i'll post results of actual gameplay in a little bit.

The config does have pretty dark shadows apparently - he suggests opening the console and typing: r_ssao_amount=0.2 in order to lighten up the shadowing a bit. I'll try that out and see if there is much difference.

If anyone wants to try this out i'm interested to hear what kind of results you get from it - the mod does have some nice IQ improvements, but it seems to barely hit the fps if at all. I read that there is some LOD bias tricks in this config that assist in that - probably explains less of an overall hit with 4xAA enabled on this config.
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  1. As if Crysis wasn't already ultra realistic and hard to play at smooth rates. lol

    I'd need a comparison of shots to see the effect this mod really has on the game, but the screenshots from that link look damn impressive. The rocks look like real rocks and the trees look like real trees. I nearly had to tell myself it was fake.
  2. yea, the IQ differences are pretty substantial - Paradise Lost with this mod is like WOW!!

    My results for Paradise lost:

    AA enabled: min 14, max 40, avg 28
    AA disabled: min 25, max 41, avg 34

    In my opinion, the ultra high quality settings wasn't playable with 4xAA enabled on my setup - but it was fine with AA disabled. I found that with 4xAA enabled the lows were just too frequent.

    I'm going to do one more benchmark on the final level "Reckoning" just for argument sake as maybe there is a particular effect used in Paradise Lost which makes the mod hiccup all over the fps :P
  3. Reckoning ( I only did 4xAA tests cause of time constraints, but the performance was very good in this level )

    1st deck fight against exosuit:

    Min 18, Max 58, Avg 34 fps

    2nd deck fight against alien ship dealer:

    Min 7, Max 56, Avg 36

    Even with the (min 7? I never even noticed it) somewhat low mins - overall I found they were less frequent than in paradise lost. I almost might go back and do a second Paradise lost bench tomorrow just to be double sure of myself. Think i'll do an Assault Harbour bench tomorrow too.

    Anyways, overall i'm pretty impressed and surprised with this mod, there is a noticeable IQ difference and the LOD bias tricks seem to really help keep the fps playable the majority of the time.

    LOD bias as I understand it (and how it was somewhat explained for its implimentation in the config) reduces the rendering quality of objects such as cars, barrels, etc at long range, ie: virtual 1 kilometer (foliage is not reduced) - basically if the object is so far away that you really would not be able to see it, I guess this setting reduces its quality which saves a lot of fps.

    I'm actually really surprised this wasn't put in the stock game to begin with as it definitely makes even really intensive scenarios quite playable.
  4. Get some time of day mods too, they can make crysis even more realistic.
  5. randomizer said:
    Get some time of day mods too, they can make crysis even more realistic.

    Time of Day? GDC? What is all this?
  6. Is it better than Cuban-Ultima-Doom-Sword's Custom Crysis Configs v1.31 ?(Which is actually the TRIPLE C hack)? because it really make alot of difference in the game
  7. Gorgeous.

    Of course, I won't be able to run it anyways, but still...
  8. I'll do an actual gameplay test shortly; but I ran the assault harbour timedemo that comes by default with this config, results are:

    1680*1050*4xAA*16xAF: Min 17 fps, Max 44 fps, Avg 28 fps
    1680*1050*0xAA*16xAF: Min 14 fps, Max 54 fps, Avg 30 fps

    Found it a little odd that the no-aa bench had a lower min odd anomaly I guess.

    I'll edit in a physical play bench in a few minutes - I think i'll wrap it up with that.

    1680*1050*4xAA*16xAF: Min 1 fps (??? I'm just reporting what fraps said; i'd say min high teens would be more realistic maybe..), Max 53 fps, Avg 31 fps

    The gameplay benchmark was done from the start of the level "Assault" - up the ridge, down the first hill, veered around left, down the hill on the right into the water area, into a boat, across the water to the first AAA.

    Frames (inspite of this bizarre "min 1" that fraps recorded) were very playable, I had no issues.

    one last edit: my curiousity got the best of me and I did another benchmark of paradise lost

    Min 21, Max 50, Avg 37 - with 4xAA,16xAF, 1680*1050 - it seems whatever problem I had yesterday has dissolved. I really can't figure out for the life of me the issue I was having though, maybe windows update I didn't notice or something.. I still can't figure it out but if I can reproduce the problem I will make a note of it.

    Little conclusion: this mod is great, really nice improvement to IQ at almost no cost of FPS on my setup. Whatever setting this guy is using to reduce extreme long distance object detail would probably be nice to know, as this particular Cvar could go a long way to making Crysis much more playable on lower end hardware - i'd hope that Crytek impliments this in Warhead, however it works, hehe. To me the biggest surprise with this mod was that I was getting "High detail 4xAA" frame rates, except with much higher IQ.

    I'll post some screenshots in a little bit.
  9. Darn, I envy your framerates :(

    (this is what I get for being determined to wait for Nehalem)

    Looks great though.
  10. I think Triple C hack is better,check some of my screen shots with this config:
    E6600@ 3.2,4GB RAM,8800GTX and i set everything @ Ultra high via the Triple C and i play @ 1680x1050 with 0xAA and here are the results:

    I got an Average of 23 FPS
  11. does seem to look nice from the thumbs, but i'm having a problem connecting to the site

    I'll check out the mod and see how I like it.
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