9800 in Evga 680i Mobo

Hello... i'm having smoe trouble fitting the 9800 into the mobo.. and i'm wondering if I HAVE to put the video card in the correct slot?(primary or main slot) w/e you want to call it.
Or can I put it on the other ones? where there is more space.
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  1. will work just fine in either--usually when it doesn't fit, it is either because of which SATA ports your using or your case is too small.
  2. I've been reading up on other people wit the 680i mobo and has other video cards (big ones i suppose) and they say that i just need to remove one of the front fans (on ANtec 900) and push the HD's in and i'll have enough room.
  3. I have evga 680i /with huge gtx260 --- on p190 gunmetal case - i have to remove the hd case and move my hds to bottom case... but two cards fit fine.
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