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700w PSU upgrade to 950w worth it???

Last response: in Components
August 17, 2008 6:59:51 AM

Hi, im looking to buy a 4870 x2 soon and a new core 7 cpu (or whatever they are callin it now) when it comes out, and i was wondering if my psu can handel it. right now i have a 700w OCZ powersupply. i have a q6600, my 8800gts, 1 HDD, 2 cd burners, 6 case fans, and i might get a sound card soon. Becuase my psu only has 2 6 pin pcie conectors i am forced to buy an adaptor, but if i should just upgrade soon il do that now. i was looking at this---> also i was wondering if anyone has any opinions on coolmax or ocz powersupplies. thanks alot
August 17, 2008 2:54:35 PM

i dont think we no how much the core 7 cpu will be used.
But with 700w u should be fine no need to upgrade.