Building a Multipurpose Computer

Hey all, i would love your advice on a machine. Here is what it is for.
1) Xbox 360 game development
2) General Purpose (Email, internet, etc)
3) Picture and movie/video editing
4) Sound editing (guitar/piano music)

Gaming and cutting edge isn't a priority. Really what I am looking for is something in that order. I would like to be able to run it to an LCD tv for You Tube viewing, etc. Looking to stay under $800. The lower the better but I want good bang for the buck. If there are any 360 developers out there I know the card needs to be direct x 9 and have shading at least 1.1?? I am sooo such a software developer and not a hardware guy, hence why I am here. Thanks for any assistance.

Don't need monitor/keyboard/mouse etc or probably OS either, but if there is a strong advantage of Vista over XP etc. I would like that too.

Thanks again for reading my post :)
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  1. bump for any more help :) Thanks again
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