Need help with new build, no display on bootup

I just made a post in new homebuilt, but then i thought about it and i think i would get more help here... here's what i said in other thread:

Alright,so i just put together a new computer here's the specs:

ASUS rampage formula x48 chipset
Xigmatech SDT-1283 CPU fan
Intel Quad Core Q9450
8 GB's of 1066Mhz OCZ memory, PC8500
Western Digital 640GB 7200 RPM 3.0 GB/s HD
Antec 900 Case
Visiontek 4870 Vid Card
Corsair 1000W PSU, Xfire supported(getting another 4870 in next month or two)
Currently using a vx922 19' monitor(getting a new one in a month)

When i boot up my computer, all the leds come on, all my fans work(cpu,vid card, 4 Case fans including LEDS) and my Supreme FX sound card LED turns on. However, i never hear my mb run any Beeps so i don't know if it is running POST bootup or not, i installed the ASUS Quickconnecter for Power switch,Reset and HDD led or something but there was also another two things one which i believe was for the MB sounds but my case never came with the connectors for it like it did for the Power button, reset switch and the HDD port. I installed the USB ports to the ones next to the ASUS quick connector(white thing at bottom right of motherboard). Installing the fan was a pain in the ass and kept falling off but i finally got it stably in. I did put a crapload of Artic Silver Thermal compound at the bottom of the Xigmatech heatsink, could that cause my cpu problems? The main concern i have right now though is the fact i don't even have a display. When i bootup i get all my mb leds to turn on,the ones for memory,hd, and cpu voltages, which display green,yellow and red. However, i also get 3 Red leds on my Video card to turn on. It looks like Red None Red Red, on the top of Vid card facing the top of my case. Does anyone know what is going on? I have two 6 pin connecters from my PSU running to my vid card and the fan on it is working but i am still getting no Display on my Monitor. I'm using the DVI port that came with it but it is a old monitor. I used the DVI port with my last computer and it worked fine.

So basically, if you don't want to read everything, my computer wont display anything on boot. all leds come on, but there are also 3 RED leds on the video card that come on that i don't think should. In this order On Off On On. Some one please help me find the problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Try taking our 2 of your memory sticks and see if that helps. I had a problem with my system rebooting with the visiontek video card 4870 and having more than 2 memory locations filled.

    I had my system up and running just fine and yesterday when after starting my computer the system rebooted and I noticed that when it did the fan on the video card started spinning up really high. After a few more restarts the computer would not load my system at all and showed that my boot was corrupted. I thought that one of my hard drives was bad as I'm running raid so I reloaded vista. Well that didn't work as when I was in the process of loading the updates that my machine rebooted again. So I was still thinking that my hard drives was going down the tubes and I didn't have a way to check my drives except that I switched my raid back to single drives and brought out my XP disk and went into my drives that way. I noticed that one of my drives still had 5 partitions on it and the other one was a single so I removed the partitions and re-formatted the drive. I broght them back into a raid setup and reladed vista again. Well the same rebootng was happening. So I sat there dumfounded for a minute and thought what I changes in my system lately. I bought two new corsair one gig sticks to make my system total 4 gigs and also a visiontek 4870. Pulled out the two sticks of memory back to 2 gigs and reloaded vista. So far because of how much time I had the updates loaded, video drivers and the Xi-fi drivers and moved my copy of WOW back over from my backup drive. So far no problems whatsoever.

    I'm not a total pro at this but I'm wondering if there is a problem with more that 2 spots filled. I'm thinking of tossing the one gig sticks and replacing them with 2 gig sticks for what I'm thinking is that there could be a memory problem running the visiontek 4870 with more that 2 spots filled. Hope this works out for you and let us know!
  2. i've said it before and i'm saying it again,,"there seems to be an awful lot of mobo's that do not seem to play well with 4x1 of ram,"i think that quality control is just not what it used to be,if ever it was???.:>)
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