Will this PSU hold with 4870x2?

So, I am planing on buying a new video-card, the 4870x2!

My system specs are

MOBO: xFx 680i SLI
CPU: Core 2 Q6600
RAM: Corsair XMS2(DHX) PC-6400 4 x 1Gb modules
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint T166 320Gb
Video-Card: Powercolor Ati X1950Pro 512Mb
PSU: CoolerMaster eXtreme Power Duo 600Whttp://www.sysopt.com/features/cases/article.php/3622766

Now the reason for me having an Ati card on a nVidia motherboard is because I got the video card and the PSU first.
Then later on I bought new ram, cpu and the mobo with a plan buying an nVidia video-card when i felt that my current card was outdated.

But see now the hing is since Ati launched its 48xx series i think i am gonna stick with Ati.
So that's why i am wondering if my PSU would hold if a got an 4870x2?
If not then im was thinking about getting a Corsair 750W power supply.

I was thinking about getting Asus Maximus Formula II motherboard, but i headr that Intel is coming out with a Nehalem CPU around Christmas. So it would be stupid to buy a new mobo that does snot support the new cpu series...

Any ways, will my PSU hold?

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  1. a review site posted the power usage of two 4870's in normal crossfire (cant remember the sites name), it showed that the cards used around 480w under full load. the 4870X2 will probably consume alittle less given that its on one board. Probably around 450w under load.

    If your PSU can produce that then your fine. Coolermaster is a good brand in my book, but i do think you may need alittle more. maybe a CM Realpower 650W just in case.
  2. Ok, but then ill just go for the Corsair 750W cause i got a good deal on it.
    But, the 4870x2 should work fine with 680i board right?
  3. i think it will. the Crossfire configuration is on the card itself and not on the motherboard(like normal croofire). if you Want to Xfire (two 4870x2 in crossfire) then you will need either an AMD Chipset or one of Intels inhouse boards which support ATI
  4. Ok thanks!
  5. Any other comments or suggestions are still welcome!
  6. no its fine it should work great.
  7. "It should"

    I, NEED it to work!
  8. As far as the 680i board, its not a problem, itll work flawlessly. The chipset is nVidia, but the x2 is internal CF, so it actually works within itself, and not across the mobo, so it doesnt require a ATI/AMD/Intel chipset. If, however youd ever want to use 2 cards, then youre stuck with nVidia cards. If youve got the 750 corsair, that also should work fine, and youll have 1 helluva setup
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