PC for HD Video editing. Budget $1000

My current rig which is about three years old is giving me too many head-aches. Rendering/compressing/ect are taking forever and it's slowing me down a ton now that I've got several jobs going at once. I'm looking to build myself something new but I havn't looked at PC specs in ages.

I currently have:

AMD Athlon 64 3200
1 gig of RAM
GeForce 6600

Now, this rig can edit 720p OK but chokes on 1080p and I know that I may end up getting a 3k camera in the future. If nothing else, I want something that can edit 1080p smoothly and possibly handle 2k or 3k. I also don't want to deal with HOURs spent transcoding/rendering/compressing.

I know some of the basics I need like 4 gigs of RAM and at least a 10,000 RPM Hard drive. I also wouldn't mind a decent graphics card but that isn't my priority. What I'm really struggling on is what motherboard and processor to go with. Last time it was easy but, now that we've got dual cores, quad cores, and a mess of other crap; I have no idea what I should be looking for.

So, HELP! Can any of you tech savy guys tell me the most I can get for around $1000 with an eye toward video editing and maybe a little 3D graphics?
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  1. as for a mobo the mobo depends on how many graphics cards you want. and how much ram youd like as well. you'd prolly want a mobo with 4 ram dimms and 2 pci express slots. to begin looking start with your favorite board manufature. as for the processor, amd 9850, end of story. either that or the 6600. IMO the 9850 is the king of processors for video and editing and the like. and yeah, 4 gigs MINIMUM, maybe even get a 64 bit os and throw in 8 gigs. you can never EVER have enough ram when it comes to video editing. the mac book pros come with up to 32 gigs for those who run insane videos at insane resolution and do insane amounts of them all at once. the video card just get a card that has the newest capabilities like VIVO and such, thats all you need though not clock speeds or super fast.
  2. Yeah, I'm going for four gigs. I was leaning toward the 9850 after looking at NewEgg and seeing it looked about the right cost and the right capabilities. As for my "favorite"board manufacturer, I don't have one. I don't know much about MOBOs. I just want something affordable and reliable. Any suggestions?
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