projector vs monitor vs 3D gaming glasses

Sony Bravia VPL-VW200 projector, 3D gaming glasses or 30" lcd monitor for HD pc gaming & movie??

i like HD experience, but i'm bored with my 19" samsung syncmaster & decided to go for big screen gaming.. however i'm stuck between Sony Bravia highest end projector(VPL-VW200),3D gaming glasses & 30" lcd monitor for my HD gaming & movie experience.. so which is best at playing HD pc game & watching movie? regardless of price..
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  1. I'd go monitor.

    I dont have any experience with the gaming glasses, but I tend not to believe any hype that I read in SkyMall on my flights...
  2. If you've got $10K+ for the projector you're looking at, might I suggest getting the 30" monitor for gaming and a less expensive (but still high quality) projector for HD movies?

    Just my two cents.

    -Wolf sends
  3. wow thats alot of money! FOR A FREAKIN PROJECTOR
    save like 8-9grand and by yourself a screen... you won't be dissappointed

    hell instead of getting a 30" you might as well get something larger with all the money
  4. I say get the glasses so you'll look like a giant dork when you game... that's assuming you don't already :)
  5. I'd stick with the 30" LCD. I use one and its a crystal clear and immerse experience. ...pair that with strong graphics and I think you'd be quite pleased.
  6. The only time I like gaming on a projector is when its car racing games.

    I find other games where theres stats to keep an eye on that its more of a distraction having to look round to see what the stats are at on a 100"+ screen. when theres 4' between your action bar and you move timer and another 2 ft to your toon and then another 4ft to your radar to look for other potential enemies coming in - it all becomes a bit too much "looking around"

    Fine for games where youve only got basic controls to worry about though.
  7. Projectors are cool, but don't spend 10 grand on one, especially to play games on. You might burn out the bulb in a year and then have to buy a new one which could cost half as much as the projector in the first place. You should consider getting a large 1080p TV.
  8. Can't you get micro lcds laser implanted into your retinas for $10k?
  9. Go for a really good quality 30" LCD.
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