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I recently bought a Tenda 54M wireless Broadband Router, model no: w541R, so I could use my iTouch in my house and no longer mooch off of friends that have wi-fi. I got it installed and working for awhile then my internet on the iTouch was having trouble. So I reset the router and it worked again. But every little bit I have to keep reseting it to stay online on the iTouch.
I did use the CD that came with it and followed the directions closely. But even after doing that a few times I couldn't avoid the random dissapearance of my internet. I noticed when I logged onto my computer this morning, I had no internet either. I had to reset the router to get it back.
I've been thinking that this is a problem between my two routers or something, I have one D-Link going to where I am now, but that connects to the Tenda. Sorry for not mentioning that at the begining.

Does anyone have any ideas? I really don't want to buy another router or spend much money.

I just had to restart the router get my internet on my desktop back..
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  1. Hi Tom. I have just bought a Tenda router which I just want to use as a docking station not for wifi but don't know how to use the mini cd with the drivers. When I try I get "go to Control Panel". Tried various things but no joy. Sorry this doesn't help your problem.
    Best wishes
  2. I forgot about this site, I did resolve the problem for the most part. I got rid of the D-Link router that I had and just hooked the Tenda one up as my main. Only problem I get from time to time is no internet. So I have to restart the router so it'll work again.
  3. try look for latest firmware.
  4. Tenda is the worst router ever i had, i had same problem, time to time no internet !!! it is stucking !!!
    Very Bad router, Do not buy / use it !!!

    I tested this router by replacing with new one, but result is same !! Do not use this worst Tenda Router.
  5. I agree, mine is terrible, the range it has is brilliant, but it keeps losing its settings so so frustrating.
    If you use it as a hub for a few pcs, then thats the only real good use for it.

    mine is a n type router, for n networks. 306

    you keep on losing your ip for workstations, i suspect the dhcp server is rubbish on this, i am an IT expert and i have tried everything, but i am onto a losing streak, and i have just phoned virgin, to send me one of their own brand ones instead, hopefully it uses n wireless, which has a greater range and speed than g and b.
  6. I have a PC and 2 laptops connected to the router. The PC (by wire) and a laptop (tenda wireless router) can connect to the internet but the other laptop cannot. It can connect to the router and get good signal strength. I have tried deleting the connection and joining again with no joy.I have also cleared the DNS cache. Any ideas?
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