Asus Speed disk or Intel raid 0

I have an Asus MB with Speed disk and I will be installing 2 SG 500gb drives. Im worried that Im creating a bottle neck by installing them the way the manual suggests(boot drive on the regular sata port and the 2 other drives on the Speed disk sata port).
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  1. What is speed disk?
  2. sub mesa said:
    What is speed disk?

    Its a hardware raid controler enabled on 2 sata ports
  3. Got some URL?

    Your topic is pretty much the only hit on Google.
  4. By the way, won't it be useful if you mentioned what motherboard you were using? There is virtually no information in your post so any reply won't be of much value until you supply more information.
  5. I think he's referring to the asus maximus line. I have the asus maximus II formula. It has a feature called "speeding" HDD. Here is a forum on the subject

    A member claims that it's limited to 133 MB/s if he's right then go with the intel controller.
  6. Just what i expected.. Silicon Image Sil5723 controller

    Just use the Intel ICHxR onboard RAID solution. Silicon Image, JMicron and Promise don't know how to make proper (fake)RAID drivers. At least the Intel drivers are of decent quality.
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