AMD Phenom change from HT3 to HT1 is it worth it

Hi all Iam currently running a GA M57 S4 SLi board with a BE x2 5000 4 gig of memory and iam looking to go quad AMD Phenom. Gigabyte states the board will take the quad

but the front side bus will drop from HT3.0(5200 Mhz) to HT1.0(2000 MT/s) . My question is this change from HT3 to HT1 noticable

enought for me to buying a new motherboard or save the cash and get the cpu change the board later ?

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  1. the difference will be minimal.Matters little in desktop machines. On multi socket machines the HT is also utilized for socket to socket communication which makes a dramatic difference in performance n is the reason why most clustered super computers use AMD. n is also a reason why Intel is going the same route. Intels systems must utilize a shared northbridge for core to core and socket to socket communications.

    but in desktop.....1.CPU not strong enough to utilize HT3 fully. 2. HT3 is not fully optimized yet
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