Best overclocking motherboard for e5200 UNDER 100 dollars

i need a cpu power supply and motherboard for around 175 or 200 ive already decided on e5200 so what motherboard should i get so i can get the most performance out of it maybe around 3.5GHz?

i was thinking maybe this motherboard [cpp][/cpp]

i already have
GFX Card:[cpp][/cpp]

what is the best power supply i can get that is good quality
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  1. I think you should take a look at this thread...One of the forum members just assembled a PC with nearly the same config and had given his views on those components too...

    And from his finding, I would suggest get a cheaper mobo and an aftermarket CPU cooler to achieve the required results...
    Mobo - Gigabyte P43

    CPU Cooler -

    And as for the power supply, that OCZ that the member has used will be good and can support upto a GTS250/ 4850 easy...
    You can even get any of these PSUs...
    Antec EA430...
    or Corsair 400CX
  2. You could also get an e6300 for $12 more at Newegg and an Asus G31 mainboard that you can use to take the e6300 to 3.5 Ghz on a 1333 fsb (versus 800 fsb on the e5200). If you try to push your e5200 past 3.3 Ghz you'll be close to the limits on it max vcore around 1.37 to 1.4 which is something to avoid.
  3. i bought the shell shocker deal of today it was the ocz fatl1ty 400 watt

    was thinking and
    getting the mobo and cpu at microcenter when there in stock so i don't have to pay shipping for mobo :kaola:
  4. *bump*
  5. I paid ~$50 and it hit 4.0ghz(12X333; 1.437v) on mine below. Seems like I could even go higher, but not recommended(had it at 4.2 for a while, but stability issues and a fear of higher voltages kept me at 4.0).
  6. thanks i ended up going with a e8200 and i have it clocked at 3.6 stable. max temp on load is 50 Celsius. i would defiantly get 4.0 with better ram :D
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