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What keeps a computer from loading

When I turn the computer on, the tower comes on but does not power up anything else, ie keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc. and will not load windows. Any ideas?
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  1. Fans? any beeps?
  2. we need more detail..
  3. fan comes on, as well as the light on the tower, but that is it. When I first turn power button on, I can see lights on keyboard, then the lights on keyboard turn off...monitor goes in to sleep mode and powers down. Yhe light on the tower stays on at all times, but there is never any yellow working light that you usually get when powering up the computer. Grrrrrr!!!
  4. What's the brand, model number of your computer?
  5. mhelm1 said:
    What's the brand, model number of your computer?

    hence the more detailed statement.
    maybe I should have been more specific..
  6. It is an HP Pavilion a6500f
  7. can you get into BIOS.? i guess no.
  8. what do I do to get to BIOS screen? If I can get there what do I want to look For?
  9. If you're not getting the normal beep, then the PC isn't POSTing. That would indicate a hardware issue, most likely the PSU is dying.

    You can swap in a different (quality) one to make sure.
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    Just got off the phone with HP Tech support and went through all the trouble shooting. Thankfully still had 36 days on warranty. They deciphered it is the mother board, so is going to be replaced at no charge. Thanks for all your help, sure do appreciate it
  11. Thanks for the update.
  12. nice..
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