What makes Windows get installed so fast ?

hi guys , My friend PC is lower than my PC , for example if i use 2x2Gb twinmos Ram he uses 2 GB Geil ddr2 . But when i went to install Win7 on his system , All i saw was incredible SPEED , the windows that should be opened after a minute , they opened in a second on his SYSTem ( i mean OS installing Windows ) . what realy makes windows get isntalled so fast ? RAM ? hard ?CPU ? does it deepend on BRAND of some product ?
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  1. Your CPU and hard drive play a big role.

    Your CPU speed will determine how fast it can respond from task to task, and the hard drive will play a role in the write speed.
  2. All the above. Hard drive is usually the bottle neck does he have a solid state drive?
    Tell us what he's got we all want fast computers.
  3. Write speed of HDD, as well as the read speed of the device (disc, flash drive, network) you're installing the OS from. The CPU plays a big part too, but if I'm not mistaken the first mentioned are the biggest bottlenecks.
  4. Ok can HDD effect on Running Programs or Games ? i mean in theire performance &speed ( not theire opening speed ) ? i mean if u have GREAT rig but ur hard be forexample 320GB samsung ( dont know all details but i know that its little old ) , then HDD will bottleneck whole system , & make everything run BAD ?
  5. Most games are CPU or GPU oriented. Your hard drive isn't as much of a factor there. The faster drives can increase load times, but that's about it.
  6. so its about Loading , ONLY !? performance of games depends on CPU & GPU power ( & not the HDD performance ) NO ?
  7. Most games will load data into the RAM. Once it's there, the hard drive has virtually no impact on the gaming performance.
  8. u mean there is a game that wont load in RAM ? how it can happen ?
  9. every program or game should come out from HDD & run into RAM , otherwise CPU wont be able to perform Fast processing on that Game or Program ( SYSTEM will SLOW down ! )
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