Sound is too low in most games using headphines

has any one noticed that in-game sounds are too low or suppressed when using headphones.... i have tried many headphones like creative/ A4tech and plantronics 777 with or without it's bundled Dolby surrouns USD driver.. all gave low sound.

i mean is this common out there or is there a solution, i have checked all settings and all are set to the highest levels, is there some kind of a software that can force sound increase????
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  1. Most of those cheesy walkman-type headphones are 32Ω

    Try a good set of 8Ω headphones, they draw more actual power from your soundcard resulting in more volume... usually.

    An exception would be the Koss® 150259 PortaPro Headphone. They are 60Ω and have an output of 101 dB SPL/1mW, so even a wimpy sound card will rock your world with these. Radio Shack can get them if you can't find a source.

    Radio Shack
  2. thnx.....but the sound using other application, like listening to music or watchin movies is very good, especially with the plantronics 777, it is only when i play games that the sound gets so low!! :(
  3. smn_1010 said:
    it is only when i play games that the sound gets so low!! :(

    Then you'll need to be a sleuth and find things like .ini files and search for properties that set sound levels in those games.
  4. Just wondering if you set your audio to 5.1? you should set it to stereo.
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