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I've used a Maxtor OneTouch3 500gb external harddisk for some years now, but it stopped working. When I turn it on, it lights up, but it just do a "ticking" sound every 1 second or so, and the harddrive doesn't seem to start running. In rare occasions (maybe 1 of 20 different occations) it will turn on, but that's not gonna work for me.

I'm gonna be moving around quite a bit soon, so I'm looking for a new external harddrive, would prefer 1TB or above. Mobility, size and weight is quite important, but naturally the durability is very important for me as well, it has to last more than just 6months or a year.

I've been looking at WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB Black. I love the simple design, it's small physically, it's not heavy and it's powered through USB (not shitload of cables). It's also of quite decent disk space.. Pretty much got all I'm looking for, I just have a few questions..

Do anyone have any reviews of the disk or any personal experience? From what I could see, some people have had some problems with some sync software removing all data.. I'm not gonna sync it, I'm planning on copy/pasting the data to the disk that I want to. Will that be a problem? Can I do that without using any crap software?

Is the disk of high quality? (i.e. can I expect it to be working for several years?)

Finally, I will be using this as an easy way to bring some movies around with my laptop, and then use it for general backup of my PC's, in that case, would this be a bad choice?

If you have any other suggestions for me, feel free to tell me :)
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  1. Here are some performance charts:,695.html

    My advice is to build it yourself with an enclosure from Newegg and a hard disk of your choice.
  2. In all fairness speed's aren't my biggest concern, whether it'll take 20mins or 1hour won't make or break in my case, I'm not transferring that big data usually.

    I'm by no means an expert, so I'm not even gonna think about building anything myself, I'm in need of a ready to go external harddisk. As I said, small size, low weight and decent-high disk size is important. I would love a USB powered one, so I don't have to drag extra cables and a transformer along. I'm guessing that lowers speeds, but that doesn't matter in my case I guess.
  3. @Thomas: I've been using the WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB Black for about 2-3 months now, and it works wonderfully. Transfer speeds are very good, aesthetically its very pleasing. Stays connected to my PC 24x7, and works just wonderfully.
  4. Oh, that's nice to hear :) Can you use it on any computer, without installing some software first? (Swapping between my PC's, backup for family members or such stuff).. Would suck to have to install software on all of them..
  5. Yeah, i haven't installed any software. In fact, I'm not even sure if it comes with any softwares, coz I didn't really spend time looking at the box. Just plug and play. If it does come with any software, they'll probably be optional back-up softwares.
  6. Aha, i see.. That's cool, gonna get that one then, I love everything about it ! Thanks for the help!
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