This PSU good enough for the GPU's?

Will this PSU be sufficient for this setup:

PSU= Corsair 650 Watt TX =

GPU= (2) Radeon HD4870's in Crossfire
CPU= Core 2 Duo e8500
RAM= 3 Gigs DDR2 800

Will the powersupply be enough?
Please try and not suggest a different PSU, I am thinking about buying this one from a friend, he has only had it for about 3 months. If I need more wattage/amerage please let me know.

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  1. Cosair?? no trouble at all,altho' you could check with Corsair,MMmm.:>)
  2. I'm thinking yes, but you probably don't have much power left over. A 750/800 watts would be safer options.
  3. u should be fine since im using a 9800gx2 with only 500watts lol.
  4. According to Visiontek their HD 4870 needs a PSU with at least 600W for Crossfire. If you don't overclock anything and don't add too many fans/lights/disks you won't have problems with the 650TX, IMO.

    If that's a problem, check out the TPQ-850 at newegg, great sale today.
  5. Yeah, I think a Corsair 650wt should do it, though it would be close. A 750wt from Thermaltake or PC P&C would be better, and if overclocking is done, I'd be more comfortable with a 850wt.

    Aevm- looked at your sig line. If ever a man thinks he knows what a woman wants, I think he should book a room at the local insane asylum. No man, ever, will understand a woman and know what she wants.
  6. The answer is NO. That 450w psu will not do for e8500 plus 2 4870s. Good or bad brand doesn't matter at this point. It's just not enough, regardless of brand, period.
  7. Dagger, its a 650 watt
  8. Chimera6586 said:
    Dagger, its a 650 watt

    Lol, I see. That link was a full list, with the 450w psu on top. :p

    The 650w one has a 12v rail rating at 41amps. Still a bit low for that kind of setup. It may work, but there's a chance that it may not. Better to get at least get a 750w one.

    Consider something like this. A bit expensive, but the performance should be worth it.
  9. screw what the manufactures say, you need a review where they actually measure the wattage and not some manufacturer bullsh^^ !
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