AMD motherboard and chipset ?

Wanting to build my son a buget pc and useing a amd dualcore cpu. what would be a good MB and chipset for it? Won't be overclocking but hopeing to get a 4850 vidcard. like to get a good stable board. thank u for ur help.
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  1. BIOSTAR TF560 A2+

    You can even get a $50 board and disable the onboard video in bios if you don't mind the lesser known makes which I have used without a hitch.

    If you haven't picked out an AM2 CPU already, look into 4050e, 5000+ and 5200+.
  2. I like my Biostar

    But if you ever want to upgrade the cpu to one of the 140w TDP ones, you will need a board that supports it. Not just any old AM2+ board will support one.
  3. ^+1...i got the same mobo :)
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