Blue screen: STOP 0x8E

Yesterday, I had just finished a fresh install of XP, (I upgraded my 40GB to an 80GB HDD) after setup completed, I created my username for the first time. That's when the Stop error happened

***STOP error of 0x0000008E.
Parameters (0xC0000005, 0x8059FC8, 0xF3CC1ACC,0x00000000)
The standard memory dump/restart process begin.

So I turned it off from the button. Waited about an hours and turned the PC back on. All was fine, even surfing the web was okay, just choppy at times, but I think that's because of the crappy onboard graphics.

I shut it down from the start menu, and I noticed it took longer than usual. Maybe 2-3 minutes before it completely turned off. I turned the PC on today, and after Windows booted, bad news: The BSOD is back!

****STOP error of 0x0000007E. (0xC0000005, 0x67BFF00D, 0xF3B2EC9C, 0xF3B2E998)

Note that error is different this time (0x7E instead of 0x8E). I'm not sure what causing this, but I think the new hard drive is dying?

Any ideas?
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  1. [#0005ff]Can you strip the system down to keyboard, mouse and monitor only then restart into Safe Mode with Networking by tapping Function 8 before Windows loads? If you can, go into Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and see which entries have yellow marks beside them. Click on each one and go to Properties and Driver - if there isn't one click on Update Driver and if offered the chance to search the Net, accept it.[/#000ff]
  2. I tried that, but in Safe Mode it also gave a BSOD:


    Stop 0x0000000A

    This has to be either the memory or the hard drive failing, right? Does it matter that the RAM modules don't match? They're both the same type, speed, but different brands.

  3. You could pull one stick and see if it makes a difference, then swap it for the other and try again. A Linux LiveCD would run in RAM only without impacting on the hard disk to eliminate that from your enquiries.
  4. sounds like you may have a bad HDD, is it a new HDD?
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