First time build, keeping old hardrive what do i do after instalation

K after i install all of my components including my old hard drive with xp pro, what do i do next? Do i put in the drivers for the motherboard?
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  1. Absolutely. In fact, install the drivers for all your hardware before you install software.
  2. In fact, unless there's some particular data that you haven't previously backed up and you want to keep, it might be best to do a complete re-install of the OS. That way you dispose of any useless stuff on the hard drive, and maybe get rid of some garbage that would hinder the new build.
  3. k so can someone link to a step by step of what to install first and so forth.
  4. OS
    Windows Updates (but don't install Microsoft's recommended hardware drivers)
    MB drivers
    Video drivers
    Other drivers
    Security/AV software
    Other software
  5. Windows configure itself for detected hardware on installation. If the system specs is different enough, you won't be able to boot into windows at all, and may have to reinstall OS.
  6. oh ok in that case i might need to reinstall because i have a completely different setup.
  7. is there anyway i can just uninstall my old drivers and then once i put it in my new setup install the new ones. Because im switching from a 8800gs to a 4850 so don;t i have to completely wipe out the gs drivers
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