My first case mod its a start

well lol i've never done case modding before so i am kinda new to the idea. I wanted to mod my new cm690 but i said to myself let me start with my old case to get some practice. well first of course i bought the Dremel.

and i was scared of the sparks like hell since I've never done metal vrs metal so i used my creativity and made a mask which protected me from the sparks.

Like i said before i decided to start small and with my old case. It needed better airflow so i decided to open a whole in the door and install a leftover fan and here it is.

Well guys any advices u can give me ill take i did my best for a start i think is alright next time i'm pushing myself further since i'm not scared of sparks anymore.
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  1. madd lulz at the mask

    the sparks wont really hurt your skin, but get goggles to protect your eyes if anything... i worked in a mechanical shop in class, sparks flew, never hurt the skin, but don't let the metal pieces into your eyes, that would be most unfortunate

    as for the mod, its not bad, pictures are a little blurry, but good job man

    o and you beat me to 'my first mod'... i have yet to do one, plan on going crazy this winter though, gonna paint, water cool, new fans, uv lights, gunna be SICK
  2. Awesome dude awesome by the way i used the mask to protect me lol ill make sure to get goggles next time although this mask protects all my face. My girl says it looks like Hitler don't know why.
  3. its cause of the mustache lmfao
  4. Lol i see now, well if anyoen else has suggestions there welcome to say.
  5. Sorry for double posting but does anyone know why i seem to be having a hard time cutting steel with my dremel.
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