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I am working on my first build and I have come to understand that the only thing instructions are good for is using as a cup holder. Now to my question. When installing the Mugen II (new build) you have to remove the original back plate from the Mobo by removing the CPU cover and use the backplate that comes with the CPU cooler. This back plate has a "metal side" and a "rubber" side. I am confused on the placement regarding this last fact. Is the rubber side suppose to go against the bottom of the mobo or is the metal side suppose to be against the Mobo? I would assume the rubber side should be against the mobo but I want to be 100% before installing.

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  1. I found a How to on the web so I should be fine now. Thanks though
  2. Can anyone send me a link to this? I'm confused too...removing the cpu cover seems a bit dangerous since the CPU won't be secured/protected.
  3. Does anyone know of a way to install the Mugen without removing the cpu backplate?
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