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Hello all, I am a real world pilot for America West Airlines and often fly online using VATSIM for training purposes. I recently bought a USB headset and Im wondering how I can only receive and speak to Air Traffic Controll through my headset and have the other sounds like aircraft etc come out of the speakers. Thanks for the help.

Captain Rhode
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  1. Is air traffic control a separate application(is it a real person? i doubt it, but in many training sims they use a real person) on the system? That is really the only way I know of to run 2 streams.

    In the audio options of it you may be able to select its default sound device as something like the usb headset. For the mic, just set windows to record by default from the mic.

    I used to have teamspeak on its own card so it was not on the speakers and just a headset for listening and talking, it worked out well.

    Can you give more info on VATSIM.
  2. Sure no problem! VATSIM is an online ATC (air traffic controll) service for pilots who fly using microsoft flight simulator, xplane etc. There are real people who serve as the ATC's while you are flying. Check it out a to find more info!
  3. What program do you use for your air to ground or ground to air communications? I still have no clue how this much software interacts the way it does.

    There seems to be several choices, is that the app you want on the headset?


    Please tell me what version of windows you are using i will then try to help you setup windows to play all sounds on your speakers then you can set your voice app(Squawkbox has the option) to use the usb headset for talking and listening to ATC. If you use another software list it and i will try my best to help you.

    If you enter the options in SquawkBox you should see this option under voice. If you select your usb headset, it should send sound there, but windows needs to have its default settings to your speakers or else flightsim will still play on the headset too.

    Using the dropdown list you should be able to select your sound card or the usb headset. The headset is what you want here. Set this only after windows has been set to use the speakers as its default audio device. Control Panel->Sound, Speech and Audio Devices->Sound and Audio Devices->Audio(tab)->Under Default Device, set your sound card.

    Let me know how this goes.


    VRC has an option too, just what you need

    anyway, more help when i know what you use.
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