AOpen motherboard chipset heatsink fell off (pics included)

Hey guys, I originally posted this in yahoo answers, so I will just copy and paste what I asked there so save me some typing time.

"Little brothers motherboard took a crap a few days ago, when I went to look inside I noticed that the chipset heatsink popped off, which I figured was normal since I gave this computer to him along time ago and it is rather old (4-5 years maybe). It is still capable of playing decent games (cod4/wow) so it isn't total crap.

I figured I could just re-bond it with some Arctic Silver compond or something like that, but then I noticed that one of the little seats that holds the heat sink in place was missing.

I looked all over, including inside the case and never found it. Does anyone know where I can buy another one of these tiny clasps and just solder it on myself? I wonder if it will even work.

The computer just black screened when this happened, not sure if something fried but it didn't seem so.

The motherboard is a AOpen AX4SP-N (haha I know, crap) and they don't even make it anymore or sell it anywhere.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Looking to find that part, should cost a few cents if I can find it, or maybe just use some generic part.

If not I'll have to buy him another mb I guess.

Thanks in advance!"

close up broken
normal one
actual heatsink
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  1. The exact same thing has happened to mine. Only thing is I found the clip.Do you manage to put it back on? Also did you use any "thermal paste".
    Please let me know how you made out and what you had to do.
  2. you should be able to find such a small part, but only knowing the name of it and i have no clue what the name is, but i'm sure it should be fixable, unless a short.
    best of luck;
  3. I have the same problem w/my Abit IT7 m/b, except I found the missing post inside the case. am wondering if i should epoxy it back; does the back of the sink need to be recemented? The system seems to be working without it. The fan from the Intel processor blows right across the area.
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