Is this a good idea?? GTX 280

I think I'm just going to upgrade from my Geforce 7950GT 512 thats broken now to a Geforce GTX 280, which will be good for a long time, and will and might be worse then the 4870x2 but it's still all good I trust NVIDIA and EVGA is a great combo.

I am looking at possibly just upgrading to this card right now and later in like a month upgrade to vista 64-bit and getting another 2x1 gb of ram.

how is that for now?

That card will last me along time and I want to dish out the money for it, I mean thats why I would dish it out it will last me a year atleast I'd assume and it will work with my 650 watt PSU no problem and my 2gb corsair pc6400 and E6850 Duo Core 2 3.0ghz right now atleast for a month well until I upgrade to 4gb PC6400 and Windows Vista 64-bit and then I will be really good for awhile.

what do you guys think?
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  1. And I don't have an SLI motherboard and it would cost more then the GTX 280 to get an SLI motherboard and then 2 video cards compared to this one powerful card. When I do a bigger upgrade in the future ill replace my Mobo/CPU and maybe PSU
  2. I'd get a a cheaper card like a 260 or 4870 and save money, then just upgrade it when the time comes. The 280 is nice, but its not worth the $150-200 more for only a few FPS over the 260 or 4870. But thats just my opinion.
  3. Gtx280 is overrated. Price/performance ratio is just bad. And besides, a sli motherboard plus 2 cheap g92 8800gts do significantly outperform it while costing less. :p

    The is always the 4870x2 in one month, costing only a little more, but perform a lot better.
  4. You said you want to keep it a long time, go for it. It's the best out now. Besides, with EVGA you get 3 months just-in-case Step-up and a lifetime warranty. Go for it.
  5. Go for HD 4870X2...definitely more powerful card than your trusted Nvidia's GTX280. Even an SLI'ed GTX280 will loose some benchies to a single HD 4870X2.

  6. I am going to spend less then 500 on the GTX 280, I don't have a SLi motherboard right now and I'd have to get the motherboard, probably like a 800 watt PSU, I have 650 watt now, and then the 2 video cards, that will cost me significantly more then just the GTX 280 at like 469.99. And I can do the EVGA one with the step-up program and everything, the 260 idk the FTW edition is tempting but idk.
  7. I'd have to buy a new motherboard SLi, a new PSU 800 watt and then 2 9800GTX's or 8800GTS thats much more like 150 more then the GTX 280 and not ALOT better, the one GTX 280 Superclocked is better then or as good as two 8800GT's SLi and idk about 2 9800GTXs but I think still better.
  8. I own two of each, so i can tell you that the 260 runs almost as fast as the 280. You would be better off buying two GTX260s which would beat a single 280
  9. If I was to get an SLi motherboard and a new PSU what 2 video cards should I try to SLi 2 9800GTXs or 2 8800s IDK? or just stick with the GTX 280?
  10. What motherboard do you have?

    If you are going to spend over $450 and still have to buy a new PSU, then why is it so outlandish to get the 4850x2 or 4870x2?

    If you don't want to go SLI (since you'd have to buy a new board), then why is one of the ATI x2 cards not in your list of potential cards?

    Just a question.

    I'm no ATI or nVidia supporter - just trying to figure out the best card for you.

    Good luck in the search

    EDIT: If you're willing to get a new mobo, 2 new cards, and a new PSU, why not crossfire? Are you specifically sticking to nVidia? I'm no ATI fanboy, but right now they have great cards out at great prices. You may want to look into that.
  11. Ok stan, so maybe I should just get the new SLi motherboard, new 750 watt PSU and 2 video cards to run in SLi, which cards would do me justice when comparing to the new GTX 280 and stuff, what 2 cards would work very well in SLI
  12. Well I wanted a single-gpu solution, but idk, maybe I should upgrade my motherboard and PSU, I was looking it up and I can almost get the PSU, the new motherboard and 2 video cards that are 200 ea. for a reasonable price. But what 2 video cards should I SLi that would do me all this justice, when compared to the SINGLE slot GTX 280.
  13. EVGA's GTX 280 should only be $450, not $470. Price on their site and on NewEgg.
  14. Are you stuck on having SLI? If you want to have have a multi-card setup, are you willing to go with crossfire?

    I think that the ATI cards our now are pretty great performance for the price - and they scale excellently when in crossfire.

    If you are determined to go SLI, I think that you can get 8800 GTS (g92) for $150 or less. They are the same as the 9800 GTX (the 9800 is just clocked higher - you can overclock the GTS to the same speed)
  15. i think cheaper for gtx 280 now even with sli
  16. go with what you like, it's not like any of the new cards are awful.
  17. this sounds like a thread where he doesn't know if he should get it or not... he just wants some people to confirm his wants and that he should go ahead and buy it... he seems pretty set against everyone lol
  18. and close to comparison
  19. thogrom - I think you might be right.

    Hey man, if you've got the $$$ to spend and it's what you really want, then get it. It's not the cheapest solution or the "best bang for the buck," but if it makes you happy, go for it.
  20. No I like the GTX 280, its poweful and easy to get and install, i dont think I need to do all that buying for the SLI mobo and new PSU and all that id rather get the GTX 280, Windows Vista-64 bit and 2 gigs of ram for my pc later after I get the GTX 280.
  21. ^ my point exactly... this is just a thread where he wants people to say its ok... when most people aren't... so i'm going to do something outrageous right here....



    OK. You can get the GTX 280... its a powerful card
  22. or should I get the GTX 260 FTW edition its almost as good as the GTX except the memory..
  23. LoL thegrom.

    The 4870x2 will be nearly the same price, but scales well and only take up one slot too.

    BUT... Do whatever you want.

    GET THE GTX 280 - it's your money. Buy whatever you want.
  24. Stuck on nVidia, huh? That's fine. Get the card you want. Plug it in. Game until your heart's content.
  25. and it'll cost around the same, but I will need a PSU upgrade from my 650 Watt ANTEC won't I for that video card?
  26. For the 280 or the 4870x2?
  27. What PSU will I need for the New ATI 4870x2?
  28. Looking at all the Antec 650w PSUs have 1 6-pin and 1 6+2 Connector

    That's what you need for either card.
  29. idk..
  30. They both draw a ton of power.

    It looks like the 4870x2 will draw about 400 at load, and the GTX 280 will draw above 300 (closer to 320).
  31. Totally up to you. It's your cash. Spend it on whatever you want, but I believe that the ATI cards are great performance and value (this was not specifically the case even 3 or 4 months ago - they scored a big hit with the 48xx series).

    Get whatever card you want. If you spend $400+ dollars on a card, make sure you will love it.

    Have fun with the new card - the 4870x2 and the 4850x2 are due out soon. Who knows, maybe you'll see even more price drops for nVidia cards with the release of the 4870x2 and 4850x2.

    Good luck with your purchase.
  32. so will my 650 watt psu be ok for either or? idk
  33. or will I have to upgrade the PSU?
  34. It seems like you might have enough power, but you've got to make sure you have enough power on the rails going to the GPU. Check the specs required for the card and the specs for your PSU.
  35. Do I have to open up my computer to check that stuff or can I look it up somewhere?
  36. Not that this applies to you because your card is old, but evga has the GTX260 for $299.99 and the GTX 280 for $449.99.

    Both are still overpriced, but good if you want one of these cards but don't want to pay for it all at once. Maybe do what I did and pick up a 8800GT or whatever you feel like paying for right now and then within the next 3 months upgrade with the step-up program.

    These prices continue to drop.
  37. hmm ok
  38. I know your looking for a good nvidia solution right now. I hate installing ati drivers as much as any nvidia fanboy but the problem is that it doesn't exist. the gt2xx series prices are falling drastically for good reason.

    I say get a 8800gt 512mb. it can rock all the games out on high settings and is dirt cheap. I'm willing to bet that nvidia will have a revised gt280 out real soon given it's preforamance compared to ati. Try and remember the poor saps that bought the 8800gts 640mb edition...try and think how pissed off they must have been with the revised 8800 gt came out. Do you wanna be like that?
  39. nah im good
  40. Consensus is don't go for GTX 280 now too overpriced and what not, maybe I will just end up getting the much ower priced 4870 or wait for the x2
  41. Wow fanboyism. Get a GTX260 or wait for 4870X2 or 4850X2.
  42. GTX 260 FTW Edition by EVGA is sick I hear, might get that
  43. idk if i should just go for the GTX 280 now for like 500ish or wait for the ati 4870x2, idk I like NVIDIA's drivers and stability and I had bad experience with my old Radeon 9800 video card and since then idk. I trust EVGA too my motherboard is an EVGA too. The GTX 280 is a very nice card tho alittle expensive but still nice? Idk what do you guys think?
  44. I think it's clear that you just need to buy the gtx 280. Nothing anyone says here is going to get you to think otherwise, which IMO is a good thing as you prolly won't have buyers remorse.
  45. Well I am thinking about the 4870x2 right now actually it'll be a hell of a lot better then it and it's only a couple of weeks away till launch and it's supposed to be like 499 on release, my mobo supports it and the only thing is my PSU is 650 Watt Antec, I might have to upgrade that, but not sure..
  46. You are forgetting that with the nvidia cards you also get physx support.

    If you get ATI you won't be able to use physx for any of the games that come out but with nvidia you got both physx (which is much better than cpu physics) and also Havok since it runs on the CPU anyway.
  47. beuwolf said:
    You are forgetting that with the nvidia cards you also get physx support.

    If you get ATI you won't be able to use physx for any of the games that come out but with nvidia you got both physx (which is much better than cpu physics) and also Havok since it runs on the CPU anyway.

    O man why do you do that, I was about to go ati next week.
  48. I'm sort of in the same boat as this guy. I have a 780i board with 2 8600gts in sli.

    So far I've had no problem running any game on max. But...

    My question is, what is the big difference between the 9800gtx and the gtx260?

    I'm waiting for either A) the 280 to drop in price or B) Buy a 260 and then another or 2 more down the road.
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