EVGA 8800 GT black outs

Hey guys I recenly bought the EVGA 8800 GT Graphics Card from Newegg.com and on the first day I put in BF2 and started playing. About 10 minutes later the screen went black and i had to restart the computer every since than the graphics card keeps blacking out the screen. What is wrong with it? Or is it something else? Please help!
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  1. hackster123 what is the rest of pc spec? psu ram mobo = help!
  2. (2x2024mb) ddr2 corsair ram, 2.4 GHz 6600 intel core 2 quad, OCZ GameXstream 700w power supply, Gigabyte S-series motherboard GA-EP35-DS3L.
  3. Try some of these basic things first.
    - Check all your connections, make sure nothing's loose. Push in and tighten all the jacks, plugs, connectors, etc. that you can.
    - Blow away any dust around your main components (Mobo, CPU, PSU, GPU, etc)
    - Check your temperatures, make sure nothing's getting too hot and overheating
    - Make sure all the power plugs from your PSU are going to all your components correctly and securely
    - If the computer runs for long enough, try doing some basic maintanence on your OS. Defrags, spyware/malware scans, virus scans, etc.

    If none of that works, then I'd say it's time to look at real hardware problems.
  4. Hackster, are you using the EVGA Precision Utility? Found here: http://www.evga.com/articles/405.asp . I've noticed out-of-box; that many users have complained, (on the 'Egg, and EVGA's forums), of cards heating up due to the fan sitting around 30% even under load w/o that.... Maybe give it a go if you haven't already, and GL!
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