CPU Cooler + Fan Controller Compatability

I've read crazy good reviews for the Titan TTC-NK85TZ Fenrir CPU Cooler. It is ranked #1 on frostytech.com as far as cooling performance.
Reviews mark its price $65 and under and it comes with a fan. A decent 20-30 dollars from the leading competitors. Also, in regard to noise it is rather quiet when run at low RPM.

The only issue is finding a US provider. (I live in California)
Perhaps someone else will have better luck finding a vendor.

Also my second interest:
I was wondering if it is possible to control the antec 902's top fan by using the Scythe KAZE MASTER 5.25in. Bay Fan Controller.

EDIT: I found a more complete review of the Scythe Kaze =]

My main concern is compatibility; will the 902 stock fans work w/ Scythe's fan controller?

Also, would it be possible to hook up the CPU cooler to the fan? For general purposes any CPU cooler?

What limitations does the Scythe KAZE Master Fan Controller have?
Lastly, I've heard issue's of short circuiting resulting in a dead knob. What things should I look out for/ avoid doing?
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  1. Hey grandpa, you haven't found what you're looking for on NewEgg.com?
  2. ^WTF? You don't have to be a d!ck about it. As for your info, Newegg doesn't carry the Fenrir.

    As for buying the Titan HSF: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/9209/cpu-ttn-03/Titan_Fenrir_Universal_CPU_Cooler_Socket_1366_775_AM2_AM2_AM3_940_939_754_K8_-_TTC-NK85TZ.html?id=qZxPnK3P
    If you can't find it on Newegg,etc you can usually find it at Frozen. Only thing is things are usually a bit pricey compared to Newegg. But they do carry some hard to find items and things that Newegg doesn't sell much of (ie liquid cooling stuff like rads).

    As far as the fan controller goes, the Scythe one should work with the Antec 900 Two.
  3. Okay, wow that was fairly simple. Thanks a lot shadow, I really appreciate your help.

    Its my first system build/ no experience, but I am concerned how would I connect it. I'm sure it would be easy but is there anything that I might do to accidentally that burn out a controller? Every review there's at least one or two people who burn it out, so is it really that easy to make a mistake?

    I'm sure if I saw the parts i could logically put it together using common sense. So I'll might just burn that bridge when I get there.
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