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i want to buy a new desktop computer, and ive been so away from the news of new technologies. i hope if u can help me ...
im goin to keep it simple ... i want it for gaming and engineering programs, and the cpu must be an AMD.

so can anyone help me build the rest of it? :)
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  1. Is there any reason the CPU must be an AMD? If it has to be, I'd go for a Phenom 9850BE CPU and SB750 mobo. Depending on the budget, I'd pair it with a 4850 or 4870.

    Of course, a Core 2 Quad Q9550 with a P45 and a 4850/4870 would be faster.
  2. Yeah, I would choose the Intel side too, if I was you.
  3. Not trying to trying to talk you out of going with AMD, but what is your reasoning for saying it must be an AMD system?
    You can build an Intel system that will benchmark a lot faster- and it will be faster in most things.
    If you don't care about benchmarks, in the real world you can build an AMD system that would be so close though, you couldn't tell the difference except by running benchmarks.
  4. im working on a amd cpu i had 4 years ago and its still running as if its still new ... i really trust the hardware ... maybe its a psychological thing :P
    could u please give me a quick summary about the new technologies and whats on the market?
  5. Gaming modern games on a 4 year old cpu is a NO GO if you ask me. Get yourself a decent Intel Dual or even Quad core. It does not have to cost that much. You will surely benefit from it, as lots of modern and future engineering programs will be multithreaded which means they can use several cores at a time rusulting in much faster calculations.
    I recommend you get a 65nm processor because they really aren't expensive anymore. Check it on online shops if you don't believe me.
  6. I thin you should go for an Intel C2D E8400 ($170), an ATI HD 4850 or Ati HD 4870, a P45 motherboard and a very good 600W PSU, 2 GD DDR2 RAM
    All these will cost less than $500.
  7. I just built an amd system and it works great, its all a matter of opinion.
  8. I think the phenom is overated also, i use the amd 6000 windsor 3.0 ghz cpu with the asus m2n-sli deluxe motherboard and they are a incredible pair working together great gaming performance and snappy too and the amd 6000 windsor 3.0 is about the best price out there for performance for amd as far as i am concerned.I love intel too dont get me wrong they are awsome.
  9. the amd 6000 windsor is the amd 6000 athlon ... right?
  10. I think I'm in the same boat as you, I've been a fan of AMD from years past and have built many systems. Since I've been out of it for a few years, I've been doing a lot of reading and asking questions for my next build. Looks like Intel is the way to go.
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