XP to Vista upgrade, while locked out?

Hi guys needs some advice.

I have been locked out of XP as i have ran over the activation time. I know there are ways to still get into it but not to fussed.

Now can i "upgrade" to Vista in the current state and keep all files/programs?

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  1. Vista is the operating system from Hades.
    Why don't you just buy a real operating system? XP or 7 seem to work fine.
    If you have a student / college e mail, you can buy 7 pro for $40 from digital river.
    It includes a back up disk.
    so you really don't want to upgrade, but rather clean install. Clean always seems to work better.

    take the drive out and install it as a second drive on another working computer, you can then drag your files off the old drive and make a backup. OR you can have a computer shop do it for you.
  2. If you have the legal key then all you need is to call microsoft to activate it. you can find that key in you computer case if it's one of those major brand PC manufacturers.

    But as soundguruman suggested, don't get Vista.
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