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Seeing as how newegg decided to run out of stock on the Biostart mb i was gonna get i guess im going with this new one. The question is i looked at the CPU support list here
and they have the processor i was planning to get on there the E7200 but they have the 1333mhz verision but im getting the 1066mhz verision that i don't see on there. Will that be a problem or should i be fine?

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  1. It might be a problem, to be on the save side buy another board
  2. I think gigabyte made a mistake, the e7200 is 1066FSB (FSB=Speed/MultiplierX4= 2530/9,5X4= 1065,.....)
  3. Don't see any reason in the world why a P43 board would not support E7200.

    However for the same price: MSI board which has the better P45 chipset.
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