Finalization of $1652 4870 build, Ordering Tommorow/Today!!!

Sorry for the repost, I know it is very bad etiquette but I really need finalization of this build so that I can order from newegg tomorrow.

MOBO [ASUS P5Q LGA]: (135)

Memory [4GB G.Skill DDR2 1066]: (90)

CPU [Q9450]: (330)

GPU [Sapphire Radeon 4870]: (310)

Hard Drive 1 [300GB VelociRaptor]: (300)

Hard Drive 2 [640GB Western Digital]: (95)

PSU [750W PC Power & Cooling]: (120)

Case [Antec Nine Hundred]: (87.80)

Cooling [Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro]: (27)

Optical [Samsung DVDRW]: (27)

Sound [X-Fi Platinum Fatality Champion]: (130)

Total: $1652

Peripherals I'm using it with: Samsung 32in LCD HDTV 1360X768
Klipsch ProMedia GMX 5.1 Speakers
Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones
Logitech MX5000 bluetooth mouse and keyboard

What do you guys think? Oh, and what and how much should I plan to overclock. =)
Thank you all so much for the help with system, and I'm sorry again for reposting!
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  1. I have close to the same system and I'd really recommend the Xigmatek HDTS1283 cooler instead of the arctic cooler. it performs great and use the retention bracket to really get good contact

    Other than that, I think you have a pretty solid build and should get a decent overclock out of that set up.
  2. I would recommend the mobo if you plan to overclock, has more overclocking features than the P5Q. +1 for the xigmatek cooler.
  3. I'm on the fence about the Xigmatek only because I hear it's a bitch to install. If it will give a noticeable cooling gain then I'll go for it. Should I order for Arctic Cooling thermal compound as well?
  4. Ok, I'm going for the Xigmatek. I don't know about the motherboard though, as I'm kinda at my max ish price point and thats a significant increase. Any compromises?
  5. Do you need the sound card?
  6. Only if it will significantly improve my sound quality. I'm a bit of an audio enthusiast and have very nice speakers and headphones. What do you think?
  7. If you are an audiophile then I'd say stick with the sound card. I personally haven't had a sound card since the early sound blaster days. I can live with onboard sound. But if you can tell the difference then more power to you.
  8. Well, right now on my current system (P4 3.2, Radeon 9600 xt) lol, I'm using a creative sound blaster audigy 2 I think. Will the onboard sound be better or worse than that?

    Reasons I'm interested in this card:
    Huge Price Discount
    Better Sound Quality
    Optical Audio In = True Surround Sound
    High Sampling Rate could be useful for my dabbling in production

    If you don't think I'll notice it, then I don't need it.

    A few more questions.
    1. Will I be able to stably overclock to atleast 3.2 GHZ (I'm guessing thats a good safe speed) with the P5Q LGA MB and the Xigmatek cooler
    2. What do you think of the NZXT Lexa Cases (Original and Blackline)
    3. Is that good RAM?
    4. Everything is fully Compatible, correct?
    5. Any idea when and where I can purchase that 4870 :/ and is the Sapphire the preferred brand?
  9. I personly wouldnt waste mony on a sound card. onboard sound is HD and works fine. i use my onboard for hd blayback on my lcd tv and it sounds wonderful through my suround sound.

    Seroiusly why waste money?. use the differemce and use it towads a new 1080 p tv. the res froma 720p is to low . sharpe make a 32 inch LCd tv at 1080p the cheapest one is 800 us from newegg. 1920X1080 looks so much better for gaming :)
  10. Actually extra sound card is not a waste unless you are an avid sound fan. Sound quality is superb at its class than any onboard its like VCs. Plus it can boost performance up to 10% in gaming.

    OCying - suggest you do that if you feel your PC is too slow for you then. But for now you got faster PC on most people do. Be aware that OCying reduces the lifespan of your unit.
  11. i advise you if you really want asus get p5q-e it's better than p5q.
    and if u going to overclocking p45 biostar is best mobo for overclock.(fsb 675 most overclock that i ever seen)
  12. If your gaming. Go for the E8400/E8500, you will save some money and have much higher OC.
  13. If you get the Rampage Formula it comes with a sound card.
  14. This board, believe it or not, has the record over clock so far.... with an e8500 chip. Can't find the link or I would include it. Think it was a little over 5.....................
  15. I've been looking at the Formula series, but it turns out that the sound card is actually just an integrated sound card on its own card and covered for noise reduction. It still requires CPU cycles and probably doesn't improve audio quality. Ok, but I'm getting a feeling that if current integrated sound cards are good enough for everyone on this forum, then they're probably good enough for me.

    Now, I just need to finally settle on a MB and rule out the NZXT Lexa Cases. What are the benefits of the p5q-e over the p5q??? Are the NZXT Lexa Cases (Original and Blackline) any good?
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