Stuttering and SLOW 7200.12 1TB HDTach

Recently I noticed my computer stuttering (music stutters, mouse movement freezes) especially when playing games, also its occurring much more regularly now. I ran HDTach on my Seagate 7200.12 1TB drive and my results are abysmal and posted below. The HDtach used to spit out decent 120'ish avg read. I recently did a clean install of Win7. I have 3 partitions:

1 [100mb Windows reserve, installing Win7 it created it]
2 [300GB System Partition]
3 [700GB Storage]

When I run HDtach it only gives my the option to check the whole drive, before I thought it broke it up into partitions, but I could be wrong. If that is the case is my HD searching for info on the wrong partition?

Anyway appreciate your help, looking forward to my X25-M G2 whenever it ships, but until then I would like to be able to have a non stuttering computer.

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  1. That looks a lot like something else is trying to access the drive. Look at the resource monitor and see if the drive is being constantly hit with access requests - that would explain what is going on here.
  2. Ran again with the resource monitor up. Still followed the same trend, looking at the monitor, no real CPU usage, processes with disk were:

    HDTune 50-110,000 B/s read
    System very little
    chrome.exe very little

    Disk activity had a lot of small writes by "System" and not much else. Also this is all after a fresh reboot with all apps fully loading. What else could explain the stuttering coming on so suddenly and the poor disc performance now?
  3. System is:

    i7 920 @ 3.6
    Noctua HS
    ASRock Extreme
    OCZ Platinum 6GB
    Seagate 7200.12 1TB
    ASUS Essense STX
    LG BluRay Burner
    Lite On CD Drive
    Corsair 850w PS
  4. A lot of small writes by system? That could cause it. What is the queue length on the disk when performing the test (visible in resource monitor)? If it is anything but 1 at any point during the test, something else is accessing the drive.

    Other than that, do you have the latest storage controller and chipset drivers? I honestly can't think of much else that would cause this...
  5. Queue Length 5. Controller and driver are up to date as well. Only thing i can think of is the drives dying
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    I know what you said, but if your mouse is freezing up like that I would still bet your somehow maxing out CPU usage. Did you check in the task manager. If your system is idle you should have at least 99 - 80 percent in the CPU column across from "system idle process".

    If your CPU really isn't maxing out at all then, do a spyware/malware scan with malwarebytes.

    If that doesn't do it and you still suspect your hard drive then test using a different hard drive. If you don't have one laying around you can get a small cheap one from a computer parts store...
    Although I honestly believe that it would more likely be a processor or software issue.
  7. After a bit of googling I realized I may have forgotten to install my wireless cards drivers. Sure enough when I loaded my Rosewill RNX-300 drivers up, the problem vanished. Thanks for the help guys!
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