NVidia GFX as dedicated PhysX/Havok processor, is it possible?

So to cut to the chase. I have a spare NVidia 8 series card lying around and with my potential switch to Crossfire (looking at the 4870x2) I'd have a 8800GT spare as well.

So I want to know firstly is it possible to configure the 8 series cards as dedicated PhysX processors with the upcoming or hacked beta drivers.

Same question goes for the card being used as a dedicated Havok processor.

I believe this is of interest to many of us here as if PhysX is run on the same card as the graphics... Well resource sharing could become an issue but a dedicated Havok/PhysX graphics card wouldn't have that weekness and it provides us with an upgrade path for our old hardware.

Edit: The reason I'm asking is almost all modern games use either PhysX or Havok for physics work. This would take those NVidia PhysX gains from being issolated to being far more common place.
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  1. I have exactly the same question. An old GTS640, redundant as of today. It seems pointless to sell it for £40 - if it can be used for PhysX, so much the better.

    Sadly, Nvidia still seem to have failed to release the PhysX drivers for the G80 series. Just when there was a glimmer of improvement on the driver support...
  2. for now no dedicated PhySX for any GPU
  3. i recommend you direct any question like this to the Nvidia CUDA forum.

    There are cuda and phsx now on the G80 series of cards i currently have it installed and have used it in UT3, with the Phsyx enabled maps.

    there where plans to do this with Nvidia cards using the SLI framework, however mixing an ATI card and Nvidia card is not recommended although using a singe Nvidia card as a separate Phsyx card could be possible in the near future, Nvidia fully supports the idea that The Phsyx technology can be used on ATI cards (theres an article somewhere on toms).
  4. @Flakes, thanks. after my experiences with their 680i chipset and 8800GT SLI the only reason I'd buy NVidia again anytime soon for this purpose alone.
  5. OK so I've done some more R&D. PhysX documents do indicate support for a non-display GPU doing the PhysX work and NVidia claims 66% of game developers not using PhysX will be using it in the future. So even if we can only get PhysX its still gping to help quite a bit.

    Now comes the havok side of things... More research to be done...
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