Overclocking the I7-920

Hi there im new to overclocking i hope i can find some directions here my system is:
Antec 900II
Antec truepower quattro 850W
Sagate 1tb 7200RPM 32mb buffer
Cpu cooler zalman Cnps9900 led
6 gig of Ram 1600mhz
And the I7-920

Thanks in advance

P.S Will i be able to oc to 3,2 With max 55° on load?
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  1. Why do you have such strict heat requirements?

    You may be able to stay under 55C fully loaded, but that depends on the cooling in the case, cable management, CPU cooler's performance, how well you apply the thermal paste, what kind of paste you use, and ambient temperature.

    I think that if everything is done well considering the parts you have and the room is relatively cool, you should be able to get away with it. I run at 3.6GHz and I hit a max of about 54C after 8 hours of Prime95 with a lapped Ultra 120 True Black and upgraded fan.
  2. maybe if you undervolt it, and are using OCZ freeze TIM, but to be honest, some people get 55C at 3.6ghz with a D0 processor on a good water cooling setup so I wouldn't get your hopes up, especially if you have a C0

    also the i7 D0's can take upto 73C so you don't have to worry much about low temps, or if you have a C0 then the temp limit is much higher but they don't OC as far.
  3. I Just want it running under 55°
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