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I have a Patriot 200x transfer rate 16GB USB drive which I used to get 20-30mbps transfer rates with. Within the last day or two the rate has dropped to a measly 5-6mbps... Anyone know why this might happen? Its really a pain as I use this drive to install operating systems on PCs and its constantly being written to and read from. Its pretty much bran new so this should not be happening. Is there maybe some windows settings that need changing? I am running Windows 7 Ultimate on a HP Pavilion dv7 laptop. Thanks in advance
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  1. Back it up and re-format it. That should usually fix this kind of issues.
  2. Try to see if your CPU usage is high too when transferring. If its really high, its a PIO problem. If not, its something else. :)
  3. I tried reformatting which didn't work and CPU usage is normal... Any other ideas?
  4. You need to show some benchmarks like HDTune Pro before i can comment on this further.
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